Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lonely Mock Sock

Finally! I completed my first sock last night. Well, it resembles a sock. It is very large and full of little holes. I decided that this first sock is like my first scarf-a learning experience not meant to be worn. So, as proud as I am of said sock, I am not going to add insult to injury and make a twin. I found a pattern that is perfect for the needles and yarn I have been using and should help provide a better result and size. I am knitting on size 4 double pointed needles (a big step for a knitter who loves much larger needles) with a worsted weight yarn. I guess the lonely 'mock sock' will be placed in sock purgatory with the other abandoned socks that have lost their twin as a result of the sock hungry clothes dryer.

I hope to have pictures to share someday. The new camera I received for Christmas is still sitting in its box. When I decide to put down the needles, download the software and take some pics, I will have post them for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitting with Crack

Okay, I must admit that am a knitting addict. Like countless others I have a problem. My friend Cathy and I decided to get together this weekend and do some shopping. Not for clothes, not to the mall but we went out to purchase yarn. (I would link you to her blog, but I have yet to convince her to start one-she's too busy knitting). The day was great. We hit a couple of shops, got our fix and went home. When we decided to make a date of it, it was like a crack addict asking another addict, 'Hey wanna go smoke some crack?'. Of course she did. I couldn't help but laugh as we loaded the many skeins onto the checkout counter that would soon be added to our ever growing stash.

Either I am surfing knitting blogs, updating my blog, shopping for yarn, looking for patterns or of course knitting.

I may take up spinning in the hopes it will help save a little $ in the long run (not to mention how fun I think it would be). But knowing me, I will somehow find a way to turn it into another budget breaking hobby that fills up corners in my home. I have contemplated growing cotton in my garden and spinning it in the fall. I have semi-spun my cats fur into chunky yarn after a long brushing. I thought of taking on a part-time job to supplement my knitting budget, but that would take away too much of my knitting time. I'm running out of options, but I will find a way. Maybe I will start selling my body on a corner, or better yet, I could start selling crack. However, if I were in the right location, I could peddle alpaca, mohair or angora. That would satisfy my knitting obsession, allow me to enjoy the outdoors and give me some extra cash.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Red Scarf Project

I recently discovered the existence of the Red Scarf Project. A very worthy cause. I plan to participate in this worthwhile endeavor.

I encourage anyone who has the time to participate as well. The deadline is at the end of this month, I believe. However, this allows time for a simple scarf pattern, almost 2 weeks. (Maybe 2 or 3 even. Now I have the pleasure of choosing a yarn that will make a warm attractive scarf for a college bound student.
Einstein Bros. Bagels is the official drop off location for your scarf. To add to the joy of donating a scarf, EBB is offering a coupon for a free bagel to those who participate.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Symphony

Last Friday I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing (and hearing) the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. The concert featured Elgar's Voilin Concerto and Schumann's Symphony No. 2.

The Powell Symphony Hall is just magnificent and grand. Our good friends Joe and Dan were kind enough to invite us along and give us box seat tickets. Not only is being in their company enjoyable and warming (not to mention full of laughs and good conversation), but to attend this event with them was just fantastic.

But of course, as most knitters know, sitting still while listening to relaxing music can have its challenges. I somewhat jokingly asked Bryan if I could take my knitting along, but he said it might be a bit tacky and annoying to others, so I digressed. Yet, the entire time my mind kept drifting back to my irish hiking scarf (a highly recommended pattern from femiknit mafia. I kept thinking how my knitting resembles a symphony. This may seem very elementry and odd to those more knowledgable about the art of music than myself, but what can I say, my mind wonders endlessly at times.

It just made sense to me that each stitch, loop, knot, knit and purl were all instruments that join together in harmony to complete one piece. The pattern is determined by the frequency of each stitch. For example, a single garter stitch being played continuously will result in a very simple and sometimes monotonous pattern. Yet a simple combination of knit and purl, in conjuction with vibrant colors, can result in a joyous and energetic piece that must be played (or worn) many times over. However, all this is determined by the conductor of course. Which in this case, is me. The patterns, colors and tempo of the project at hand are determined by the knitter with his (dare I say baton) needles. As is the case with my scarf. With mutiple shades of blue knitted into 3 cables is calming yet mildly complex.

I hope to make it to the symphony again soon. Maybe booties knitted on plastic needles would be appropriate and less irritating to others? I'll let you know.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Freed Photos

The photos that I promised months ago have finally been freed from digital hell. Here are the photos from the Sea of Scarves (not all of them made it to the photo shoot).

I hope you enjoy them!

I haven't found the one of my blanket. I may post that someday when I find it.