Monday, November 07, 2005

Sea of Scarves

Welcome to my blog!

I am glad that you are here. As you can see, this is my first post so there isn't much to see at the moment. I will add pictures, additional links and other goodies as time goes by. To get an idea of what I am doing currently, read on and enjoy!

Currently, I am swimming in a sea of scarves. Well, at least it feels that way. I decided to give hand knitted scarves to everyone on my Christmas list this year. Although this is a feasible task since I have only 6 more to knit before the big day, I am consumed with knitting scarves. Unfortunately this prevents me from being able to explore other projects and keep my favorite past time exciting. I like a challenge and want to move on to more complex projects (at least projects that are more difficult than what I am used to knitting). But I guess the challenge now lies in being able to finish 6 more before Christmas.

I've had the entire year to knit, but didn't pick up my needles from February through September. With moving, graduating and numerous summer activities I just didn't make the time. With the onset of what I call the knitting season, I have jumped into knitting at full speed. Knitting, reading about knitting, teaching friends how to knit, starting a guild and frequenting knitting shops have become a normal part of my life. But even though I tire of knitting one scarf after the other, the work is still very relaxing and rewarding. I won't know what to think when I begin working on other items that are fun and challenging.

Within the next couple of days I hope to have pictures of said scarves available for your viewing pleasure.


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