Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where's the glue?

Functional Robotic Android Yearning for Efficient Destruction, Efficacious Diagnosis and Galactic Exploration

Found this. Go here.

One of the many benefits of knitting is the instant (well, almost) gratification. I mean just knit for bit and you can begin to see results and patterns. Provided you don't have to frog it, it is there to stay. But even if you do screw it up and rip it out, you can still use the same strand of yarn again until you get it right. Not the case with pottery. Once its gone, its gone forever. Saving a piece isn't like frogging. There is a sign posted prominently in the studio "DON'T GET ATTACHED". I now know why. I allowed my favorite piece to dry too fast and it cracked. Good news is that I had some success with vases in class last night.

I'm already looking forward to the weekend so I can throw clay and knit. (not at the same time, that might get a bit nasty). Last Saturday night Bryan and I spent the evening alone in the studio throwing clay. It was very calming and fun. Umm, and no, it didn't turn out like the scene in Ghost. Of course, pottery and knitting must come after housework and yard work. Not sure why. Might be a law.


At 3:21 PM, Blogger Celtic Knitter said...

Ohhhh . . .my love . . . my darling . . . I hunger for your touch . . . . a long . . . HEE HEE

Anyways, I love that saying, "throwing clay" . . . sounds like you should belt it at someone.


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